Chevrolet Silverado Bed Liners

Dualliner® The Only Bedliner That Works™
  • 5 Piece System: 5 Piece component system, installs with factory hardware.

  • ZeroSkid® Surface: 3/8 inch thick Zero Skid Rubber mat, ribbed design does not trap water.

  • Easy Install: Easy enough for anyone to install, truly hassle free.

  • Ships to Your Door: Only Bed Liner that ships to your door!

  • $384 or Less: Factory direct low price guarantee.
Your truck works hard. Your truck plays hard. You need the only bedliner that can stand up to the way you use your truck. DualLiner is made in the U.S.A. and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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DualLiner® pickup truck bedliners are the best bedliner... Truly different from all other pickup truck bed protection products, DualLiner bedliner is the only bedliner that's easy to ship and easy to self-install. The DualLiner® is an integrated rubber floor with tough, polyethylene sidewalls. The only bedliner combo that installs in minutes, and offers maximum protection and impact resistance for your truck bed and cargo. DualLiner bedliners offer heavy duty protection: The 3/8" thick floor eliminates paint chaffing compared to traditional hard bed liners. We are the only Zero-Skid® technology in bedliners, far better than the skid resistance offered by spray-in or drop-in liners. Our patented design maintains access to factory drain holes, and allows air to circulate freely. Tough, polyethylene sidewalls are custom fitted to your truck bed, giving you exceptional access to bed rails or bed caps, and cargo tie downs. The DualLiner® bedliner is manufactured with UV resistant materials to keep it looking great forever, and includes a full custom polyethylene tailgate protector and a Real lifetime warranty!


The Chevrolet Of Bed Liners

The Chevy Of Bed Liner Is The Dual Liner!

Chevy truck owners make a statement when they are on the road: they know their Chevrolet Pick-up will get the job done and last through the long haul. It trickles down through the generations; once a Chevy owner, always a Chevy owner. There are countless reasons why, but the biggest reasons come from dedication to the brand.


When buying a DualLiner truck liner, the same dedication and tradition trickles down through our customers; once a DualLiner owner, always a DualLiner owner. And that’s because, like a Chevy truck, our truck bed liners are built to last and are dependable more so than the other “bed liners” out there.


A spray-on liner is nothing but a glorified paint job. Never mind the messy painting process, the protection provided by a spray-on is little more than paint. Cargo slides around the truck bed and if heavy loads ram into the bed walls, dents and dings appear. Plus, like paint, a new coat needs to be applied after weathering and other wear and tear.


Although rubber mats are relatively popular, the walls of the truck bed are exposed to any damage your cargo may inflict. Moving a washing machine or a refrigerator and strapping it down won’t stop dents and scrapes from appearing in your new truck bed.


With DualLiner, all is remedied; full bed wall protection, a zero-skid mat, consistency, and dependability. DualLiner outfits bed liners with a true lifetime warranty. The day you purchase a Chevy truck, a DualLiner bed liner will be there for the entirety of your truck’s lifetime.


Chevrolet owners buy their trucks because they depend on them to last for years to come. DualLiner is the Chevy of truck bed liners, with customers coming back again and again. For some, it’s as big a tradition as buying a Chevy itself. Buying the right bed liner for your Silverado or Sierra pick up truck is a must.


DualLiner is “The REAL Truck Bed Protection System!”

Chevrolet 2013 Silverado Bed Liner

2013 Chevrolet Silverado Bed Liner


The Right Bed Liner

2013 Chevrolet Silverado Bed Liner

2013 Silverado Bed Liner.

I’ve always been a truck type of guy. Throughout my life I’ve owned three Chevys: a 1995 S-10, 2003 Silverado 1500, and 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD. I liked all of them, to be honest. I like to haul things around. Any project around home, I’m there. I’ve had to haul gravel, wood for adding on another room to my house, and roofing for re-doing my roof. I also like to help my friends out with whatever projects they have going at the moment. (I won’t bother getting into details here, but let’s just say I’ve gotten the most out of every truck I’ve had.)


I’ve tried three different methods for protecting my truck beds. For my first truck, I got a spray on bed liner. Not only was the spray on bed liner overpriced (close to $1,000!!), all of my stuff would slide around in the truck bed. That was annoying! After a few years the spray-on started to wear away. To say the least, I was not satisfied with this method of protecting my truck bed.


For my second truck, I got a drop-in bed liner. I was glad it was cheaper than the spray on, and I thought it would be the protection I had been looking for. Boy, was I wrong. While it was cheaper than the spray on, everything slid around like I had put grease all over my truck bed. Nothing stayed in place. Ever. This became frustrating after awhile.


Finally, when I got my last truck, the Silverado, I decided to go a different route. When I was browsing online I heard of the Daulliner truck bed liner. Since I had unsuccessfully tried two other methods of protecting my truck bed, I decided why not try it? I was happy that it was cheaper than the spray on as well. I assembled it in no time. To be honest, I could have done it in my sleep. We’re talking less than twenty minutes and she was ready to go.


I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the Daulliner bed liner. It’s the perfect bed liner, and I have yet to have a single problem with it. It hasn’t faded, and she still looks brand new like when I first got her. My truck stays protected year round, and I never have to worry about anything sliding around. Talk about that being a relief. It’s the perfect fit not only for me, but for my truck and I wouldn’t trade it for any other bedliner out there. It’s equipped with a lifetime warranty, so I know I’ll always have this bedliner. If anything, I’m more worried about wearing out my truck before my Daulliner.


2013 Chevrolet Bed Liner

2013 Chevrolet Bed Liner With Tonneau Cover

So if you’re looking for a bed liner, consider the Daulliner truck bed liner. Like I said, I know from experience. And believe me, I’ve been rough on this bed liner, hauling around numerous supplies. She will get the job done. I wish I would have gone with Daulliner from the beginning. It sure would have made my life easier.

The Hybrid 2012 Chevrolet Silverado


Hybrid Chevrolet Silverado 2012

2012 Hybrid Silverado

The full-size American pickup is perhaps the most utilitarian vehicle on the market. Since most “lifestyle buyers” have left the segment – meaning fewer 110-pound soccer moms toting 60-pound kids in these 18-foot-long behemoths – the remaining truck buyers value functional capability above all else. While some in the environmental community don’t understand there are occasions when fuel economy has to be forfeited in the name of capability, trades people, commercial users, farmers and ranchers need pickup trucks.

So General Motors made sure the first pickup trucks that use its Two-Mode Hybrid system would be nearly as capable as their non-hybrid brethren when introduced for the 2009 model year. The two-wheel drive (2-WD) versions of the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid – and its twin toolbox, the GMC Sierra Hybrid – proudly trumpet the crucial stats for full-size pickups. They can tow up to 6,100 pounds, the bed can haul a little more than 1,400 pounds and still deliver 20 mpg city/23 mpg highway with a combined rating of 21 mpg. Four-wheel drive (4WD) versions have the same fuel economy numbers but give up 200 pounds of towing capacity.

The Hybrid Bed Liner

By combining both electric and gasoline power General Motors is able to deliver an efficient yet capable pick up truck. Dual Liner did something very similar to this in the truck bed protection arena. By using technologies from both “Drop In Bed Liners” and the conventional “Rubber Bed Mat” Dual Liner was able to develop a new type of truck bed liner called the “Hybrid Bed Liner.”

Huge Demand Surges For GMC And Silverado Trucks!

You can see that when demand increases on Chevrolet pick up trucks  it also has a direct effect on so many other items in our economy. One of these items we chose to look at was a new type of bed liner, that fits the Chevrolet trucks with a custom contour following polyethylene panel. The bed liner is called the Dual Liner and it is unlike any other bed liner on the market, It will not cause any chaffing or any other adverse effects to the truck bed. The previous  spray on bed liners either required you to grind up the finish before installing it in the bed of the truck. The previous drop in bed liners would collect lots of dirt and debris underneath the bed liner, then they would shift around while the truck was driving down the road.  Dual Liner gives your new truck the best dent protection, the best scratch protection, and the best cargo protection available, it makes it easy to see why. When you factor in all the features and then look at the price, the Dual Liner can not be beat. Read the rest of this entry

2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD Custom Fit Bed Liner

The Silverado Line up is sure to please the Chevrolet enthusiast, there are many improvement over last years model. One particular item that has not changed is the box. The same custom fit bed liner that also fit the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado with the same bed length. Dual Liner is the only bed liner manufacturer that actually makes a reconstruction of the trucks bed into very expensive vacuum form molds. These molds are designed with hundreds of tiny holes that vacuum the heated polyethylene panel to the precise shape of the mold. The bed liner is composed of two side panels, a load guard, a tail gate cover, and a Zero Skid Bed Mat. This very expensive process insures that the Dual Liner will fit perfectly in your truck. It is the only bed liner available that will not cause any adverse effects to your truck, unlike the drop ins that shift around and chaff your paint off. The installation requires no permanent alteration of your trucks finish either, unlike the Spray On bed liners that need to be “scuffed up” with grinders to get the chemicals to adhere. Also you can take the Dual Liner out at any time, Spray Ons no matter how faded, scratched, dented or discolored can not be removed easily. Read the rest of this entry

There are several factors that will determine which bed liner will be the best for you and your truck. To decide which “Spray On” is the best you need to ask yourself what is a bed liner supposed to do? I am sure that every one would agree that the main purpose for a bed liner is to protect your truck from dents, scratches, and dings.

What ever bed liner offers the highest level of protection to your truck would clearly be the best. Right? Yes that only makes sense. Part of the process to install a “Spray On” requires an installer to scuff the trucks bed to get the polyuria compound to adhere properly. This process is very easy to label in terms that do not come across as destructive, harmful or damaging. Watch the video below to see what “scuff” actually means.
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The Combo Bed Liner!

By “combo” I mean combination, there is a new type of bed liner that set to take the bed liner market by storm that uses “dual technologies” or a combination of technologies to give you the best bed liner ever. The sidewalls are made from similar technology as the drop in bed liner, the difference is what elevates this new bed liner to the highest level of protection ever offered. The old drop in bed liners were a one piece universal application that was well known for shifting around in the back of the truck as you were driving. One of the improvements to this type of bed liner was making it into a multiple piece system that each panel fit exactly to the contour of the specific make and model of truck, the other improvement was to utilize the rubber mat to cover the bed and hold it in place with a channel that was built into each of the sidewall pieces. Read the rest of this entry

Chevrolet Bed Liner Options

There is probably several reasons why you bought a Chevrolet Truck, I would have to assume that most truck owners want the ability to haul items that are either to big or to heavy to carry in a car (that only seems logical), otherwise they would own cars. At some point the Chevrolet Truck was more appealing, maybe it had a higher tow rating, or more creature comforts. What ever that reason is, it was important enough to you to decide what truck you were going to purchase. Now that you purchased a Chevrolet Truck there are several choices that you will have to make that will determine how long your truck will last and how well it will hold up for dependable use, as well as the resale value. One of the most important factors in the value of the truck is the overall condition of the trucks bed and box.
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Is A Bed Liner Maintenance?

We know how important your truck is to you. Us truck owners, like to keep our truck clean and well maintained, making sure that we use only the best of what is available to us. When it comes to what we use in/on our truck, we can sometimes be very picky. Most of my truck buddies use very expensive products to insure that their truck will last along time as well as perform to its maximum capabilities. Several of these guys spend over nine dollars per quart of oil, and they change the trucks oil every 3000 miles, not 3001 if you know what I mean. They take there trucks to the local dealership and spend a fortune with scheduled maintenance. For instance, if the owners manual says that they should change their windshield wipers at every 25000 miles that is what they do. Not only do they change them they pay $80.00 for the OEM‘s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version, you could buy replacement wipers from NAPA for $17.99. They also pay $120.00 for a paper air filter which they could save some dough and get a far superior K and N rechargeable air filter for less than half of the price.
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Not all Spray On Bed Liners Are Created Equal!

When you decide to have a spray on bed liner installed you are handing your truck’s fate to an installer. He decides the fate of your truck, it doesn’t matter if he realizes it or not. If the bed liner installer has an appointment that he needs to keep, are you sure that he is not going to cut corners to insure that he is done in a certain amount of time. The process of installing a spray in bed liner is a critical process that determines not only the life of the truck but the performance and usability. To install a “LineX or Rhino-Liner spray on bed liner there are four main surface preparation processes. Not all installers are willing to take the time or use the materials necessary to insure the best chance of proper adhesion to your trucks box.
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